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How Teemill Works

On-demand fulfillment for your t-shirts.

how teemill works

Build a shop, start selling today

With Teemill you can build your own online shop, add your designs and when a product sells, we print and ship orders the same day, direct to customer, with your branding.

It's a real-time print-on-demand platform where you keep the profit from each sale.

Stores are totally customisable - nobody needs to know your project is powered by Teemill. And if you don't know how to code, that's no problem. The products are high quality, the service is rapid, and the system is free.

Teemill takes all the work, stress and risk out of selling quality t-shirts online for your t-shirts.

Teemill Digital Printing 2 Colour Screenprint

Incredible Quality.

Full colour digital printing as standard.

Teemill is different. Our large format, full colour photo-quality printing comes as standard on our award-winning organic cotton t-shirts. Go full colour and sell one at a time: There's no setup costs or minimum runs.

At Teemill, full colour large format printing comes as standard.

And there’s no targets to hit or time limits. If you sell one t-shirt, we print that one order and send it – and send you the profit. Teemill is about unrestricted real time, same-day fulfilment of amazing quality products.


Teemill is free. It's ridiculously profitable.

With Teemill you build a store and design your products. Anytime one sells, we print and ship the same day, with your branding.
This chart you can see how much money you will make for each sale, depending on what price you choose** to sell at.

*Your profits are paid at the end of each month via PayPal

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Make it yours.

Totally customisable, mobile ready store themes

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Your T-shirts T-Shirt

This is a description for your custom t-shirts merchandise t-shirts, or custom t-shirts hoodies, totes, sweatshirts and tea towels.

All of your designs will be printed on award-winning garments sourced from an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory

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Your T-shirts T-Shirt

This is a description for your custom t-shirts merchandise t-shirts, or custom t-shirts hoodies, totes, sweatshirts and tea towels.

All of your designs will be printed on award-winning garments sourced from an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory

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Unique, from URL to packaging

Teemill is easy to customise, from your store right through to your packaging. You don't need to write any code. Almost unlimited customisation options available.


Junior Doctors

Case Study ft. Dame Vivienne Westwood.

campaign t shirt for charity fundrasising

The campaign to support junior Doctors has the benefit of the passionate, well-organised team at @wearyournhs, who were recommended Teemill as a way to build a 21st century campaign that uses the full power of technology, social media and user generated content to win the online debate and bring in much needed revenue.

Teemill helps campaigners build a cool, iconic t-shirt campaign and get the ecommerce and supply chain done in a day - for free.

The team reached out to Dame Vivienne Westwood to create an amazing campaign tee on organic cotton that became the visual identity behind the marches.

Teemill have been incredible. Their dedication to the campaign, their professionalism, their willingness to help out at very short notice at times, has been nothing short of brilliant.

- Lauren, Wear Your NHS

One of the great things about the Junior Doctors campaign is the clever use of fan-generated photos and bravery on social media, encouraging supporters to get a t-shirt, then post a selfie in support. It generated great content for the campaign and gave the issue momentum.

From nothing to launch in 24 hours, the store took and shipped 2000 orders a day at the height of the 6 month campaign.

Being printed on our award-winning organic cotton tees, the quality and ethics of the product helped secure the endorsement of some household hames like Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), Rufus Hound, Minnie Driver and more.

And when it counted in December, Teemill delivered. We shipped 93% of orders next day.

If you want to create your own Teemill store, you can sign up now. It’s free

teemill print on demand plugins


*Currently Beta for high volume users. Public launch 4/17

Teemill integrates with the most popular and useful web apps straight out of the box, and you can add configure and integrate them in seconds using the Teemill Pro dashboard.

Just like you would expect, you can integrate Mailchimp newsletters and signup forms to build your database, blog with Wordpress or automatically update the images on your store by pulling in your latest Instagram or Tumblr content.

You'll also find exclusive plugins for Teemill you can't find anywhere else. Like Studio: Add your own t-shirt studio plugin to let your visitors design and order custom tees on your store.

There's lots of tracking too. Monitor traffic with Google analytics and conversions with the facebook tracking pixel. Teemill Pro comes with stable, trusted plugins that just work. There's more added regularly.

teemill integrations

Top Questions

To make money on Teemill you don’t need to meet any minimum order quantities or targets to receive a payment. If you make a successful sale, you get paid. How much you get paid depends on a number of factors like the product, the colourway and the RRP the product is sold at, or the currency exchange rate if you're in another territory.  It approximates to 50% of the profit left over after printing, shipping, labour etc. Selling white t-shirts make you even more profit. You see current profit-per-item graphs for all our products an variations here > Profit per item

Yes of course, in fact, we would highly recommend it. There are a number of ways to do this, and you can read about your options regarding domains here

Yes. If you upload a unique design to Teemill for which you own the copyright or trademark, you retain the copyright, trademarks and associated rights. They do not become the property of Teemill. If you would like to find out more about our user agreement, please check it out here.

With Teemill you can build an ecommerce store connected to our award-winning print on demand factory.

You don’t need any code skills to build a store, and it’s totally customisable: You can choose a theme and add your branding, upload your designs and photos. When a product sells, our factory automatically prints the order the same day and ships direct with your branding. We also process returns and exchanges. This is all free. You take a share of the revenue. Which is all profit. Teemill uses technology to remove all the barriers to entry when people have a great idea for selling t-shirts online.

If you haven’t got a Teemill store account, you can sign up now. It’s free