T-shirt Model Studio Photos

Martin Drake-Knight

By Martin Drake-Knight

The technology in the latest update completely changes the quality and professional identity of stores built on Teemill, making your products look incredible and saving you a huge amount of money and time.

The technology is built on our original design-to-tee image manipulation software, which prevents you from having to take a photo and upload it every time you want to sell a t-shirt.

Once upon a time we built our own brand and realised that great photography was at the heart of strong sales. We’ve made years of photos from our library available to you, editable, to feature your designs with your branding, in Teemill.

So professional quality photoshoots can be done at the click of a button from your desk, using Teemill Cheese. We’re constantly adding new resources to the tool, which you’ll find anywhere you might normally need to upload a photo – like on your homepage, menu, product page or category pages and you’ll see you’re able to magically take a model that suits your demographic, add your design and change location or backdrop before saving up your shots and adding to your Teemill store.

No more stress organising shoots, ordering samples, finding models, buying equipment or wasting time in post-production.

You can rip out a professional quality shoot in under 10 seconds with Teemill, and boost your T-shirt sales dramatically.

Take Action

Login to your Teemill store and add a photo to a product, homepage or category to launch our magic photoshoot tool.


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